Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Copaiba essential oil

Beta-caryophyllene is recognized as the primary chemical in marijuana that gives ease to patients and makes it an effective medication for many.

beta caryophyllene

Some Proof that Marijuana is a Powerful Medicine
Marijuana contains an amazing chemical, beta-caryophyllene, and scientists have thoroughly proven that it could be used to treat pain, inflammation, atherosclerosis, and osteoporosis.
Jürg Gertsch, of ETH Zürich, and his collaborators from three other universities learned that the natural molecule can activate a protein called cannabinoid receptor type 2. When that biological button is pushed, it soothes the immune system, increases bone mass, and blocks pain signals — without causing euphoria or interfering with the central nervous system.

However, our Copaiba oil won’t make you high, could this be Young Living’s answer to the medical marijuana debate?

This can be a huge advantage when experiencing discomfort at work, for instance. And it can be reapplied as often as necessary. In addition, Copaiba can be taken internally, as noted on the label for supplementation. This can be a valuable oil for discomfort from digestive issues (nausea), stomach aches, and inflammation in the digestive tract.

Copaiba is the highest in beta-caryophyllene which is an anti-inflammatory compound. A 1996 study showed beta-caryophyllene to be effective in treating stress-induced ulcers. Beta-caryophyllene is also found in helichrysum at between 8 and 12%, while copaiba contains 55% beta-caryophyllene. Clove oil contains 6-8% beta-caryophyllene in comparison. [excerpt from informational call on Copaiba with Marc Schreuder on July 7, 2009]

Below are comments from Toby Palmer, Young Living's product manager:

Young Living Copaiba Essential Oil
Copaiba is an incredible essential oil that continues the tradition of South American essential oils being offered by Young Living.
Want to know the highlights of this potent essential oil? Deep in the heart of the Brazilian rain forest, the copaiba tree is harvested by “tapping” the heartwood similar to how rubber and maple are tapped. The resin is collected and then steam distilled, a process that delicately extracts the pure essential oil.
Copaiba has traditionally been used in native teas to aid in soothing digestive discomforts. It also has helped regulate people’s natural immune response.* It’s no wonder why copaiba is so effective. Copaiba essential oil contains the highest amounts of beta caryophyllene: 55 percent. This is the highest of any known essential oil!
You’ll be hard-pressed to find real copaiba essential oil anywhere in the United States. It’s true, other companies sell copaiba “oil” that contains the entire resin or is a distilled form of the leaf. Unfortunately these products don’t contain the high amounts of beta caryophyllene that is in the Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ copaiba essential oil.
You probably have already tried copaiba in the Deep Relief™ and Breath Again™ Roll-On blends. If you look on the ingredient labels of these products, you’ll see copaiba listed.
Let me know what you think of copaiba essential oil!
Toby Palmer
—Product Manager, Essential Oils

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